Source: Elle Magazine

If there is someone that truly embodies what it means to be unapologetically bold and unabashedly beautiful,  it is Ms. Lupita Nyong’o. The Award-winning Kenyan Actress captured the hearts of a worldwide audience since her breakout movie 12 years a slave in 2015.

From her stunning African beauty to her charming personality and infatuating intelligence, she has captured the interest of Hollywood, her peers and the world!  However, it hasn’t always been glamorous and fun to be Lupita, says herself. Growing up, she struggled with self-love, especially when it came to her complexion.

“I got teased and taunted about my skin. My one prayer to God was that I would wake up lighter skinned”

Although Lupita was struggling with self-love at a young age, she does not know how many women of colour she has inspired to love themselves regardless of social ‘beauty standards’.

In her latest movie Black Panther (which has broken box office records nearing  $1billion dollars in its first month), Lupita played Nakia, Black Panther’s ex and love interest. Her character is strong, intelligent, badass  and equally beautiful, inspiring young women of colour worldwide. It’s also a step forward to portray dark skinned women just as aspirational as everyone else  . She brought courage, resilience and compassion to the movie giving an outstanding performance.

The message many can take from the movie as well as from Lupita as a person is that women are just as powerful as men, (if not even more since we’re smarter…. Right)

Lupita’s grace and elegance is something admirable. Not only is she an Academy-award winning actress, she is super intelligent, well cultured and grounded. She can also speak four languages! Can she be any more impressive?

The most Unapologetically bold and Unabashedly beautiful aspect of Lupita Nyong’o, is that she has not changed herself or her looks to fit in with other peers in her world. She understands the beauty from her Kenyan roots and is proud of  who she is and where she comes from. Beauty to her is being kind, intelligent and compassionate.  And for ALL OF THAT and more, Lupita is Our chosen Woman of The Month

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